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I would like to offer my show for syndication. Currently, my show is broadcast on Angel Radio and several other Stations nationally  Hear examples from Gloss FM below)

The show

A great show, love the music!  (John)

Great music, entertaining and informative   (Chris)

You make me feel that you are talking to me  (Bob)

The Dance Band Days offers music of the 1920s to the 1950s, but also includes artists of today, and there are many, who play vintage music.

The primary focus is on the music of the British and American dance bands, but includes Blues and Jazz, by artists from all over the world.

A high quality and professional show.

Is this music really relevant today? Does anyone listen to this music?

The music is of a time and place, but great music is not the just preserve of the original buying and listening audience. Great music is great for all time.

The period is regarded as the Golden Age of music / dance bands.

The music forms a large part of our popular music heritage. This should be heard and enjoyed.

Listeners today are discerning and enjoy a wide range of music.

The show is informative about the music, musicians and stars of the day. It not only offers an enjoyable mix of music, but also includes mini and full-length special features on bands, leaders, musicians, singers, composers and writers, stage shows and film musicals etc.

Listeners learn about the music and the stars of it, then and now, as they enjoy the musical experience.

There is an existing interest and a growing interest in this type of music. The show is increasingly popular with younger audiences.

Face book groups such as British Dance Bands – also show how great the interest is amongst younger age groups, in terms of the collecting of vintage 78s and the restoration of them for example.  My show reflects this wider interest around the music itself.

The presenter

  1. I have been presenting this type of vintage music for the last fourteen years. I was live on air for some time, but these days the shows are pre – recorded. I am a great enthusiast for the music.

I have a good knowledge of the music of the bands and of the period, going back over fifty years of collecting. (I am still young however!)

I write articles for a popular dance band magazine, plus presented shows and interviews with modern artists, for example, Alex Mendham and His Orchestra. Who, you say? They appear in a recent Avengers blockbuster movie!

Will the show suit your Station?

The show is designed to fit into one hour

There is a generic element to the shows so that they can with added jingles become specific and identified with your station.

The shows are designed to work as three segments, so that hourly news and mid show ads can be accommodated. They can also work as within the hour

The show lasts for 55mins or 58 mins, to accommodate ads around the hour

There is a bank of over 150 pre – recorded shows that can be adapted to your station wish added jingles and intros. The shows are stand alone.

The show helps Community Radio Stations to fulfil requirements to offer a full range of musical styles, for all age groups.

The show has an existing regular audience.

A local dimension can be introduced into to the show, not only through jingles and ads, but also via requests. Request shows are built into programme schedules. Requests are focused to locality – I give first name and location.

Listen to some shows    Left click to listen / Right click to download

These are broadcast recordings, not the original files.

DBD - GLOSSFM - BROADCAST - 6-12-18.mp3                      Request show

DBD - GLOSS FM - BROADCAST - 19-9-19 (+12TH).mp3       Focus on two Irving Berlin Revues - 1932/3

DBD - GLOSS FM - BROADCAST - 11-4-19.mp3                     Musical soundalikes and influences

Contact me     

Do contact me if you are interested - or would like to know more.

Kind regards

Tony Bradley

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