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There are a growing number of internet radio stations and blog sites that play music of years gone by. This is more than nostalgia, after all, there are few around today who were active record buyers and listeners in the 1920s.  The music of the past is our heritage. It is also very enjoyable. Below are some of the sites that can be found on the web to satisfy our musical needs at a time when mainstream stations are increasingly competitive within a narrow range of modern music. If there are other stations worth listing here, please do let me know and I can add more in. 


‘The Dance Band Days’  - Tony Bradley presents a specialist show

that features the sounds of the dance bands and the big bands,

old and new.  


Anything Goes - a mix of vintage popular song, spoken word, comedy, poems

and quizzes.

Tony’s new show - a tonic for the lock down.

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Angel Radio - Anything Goes - Monday - midday

KTCRFM - Anything Goes - Tuesday 3pm... The Dance Band Days - Thursday 4pm

BSR - Anything Goes - Tuesday 11am... The Dance Band Days - Thursday 2pm

See Station schedules for repeat times

Listen to archived programmes by clicking here:                The Dance Band Days - Archive  

Angel Radio is a dedicated Station run by dedicated people who love music nostalgia. Vintage music of all types. Join Tony Bradley for the very best music of the dance bands and the big bands, old and new, for The Dance Band Days. 

Tuesdays at 6pm - Repeats - Wednesday 6.30am , also Anything Goes, Monday at midday.


The British Dance Band Show - John Wright

John Wright’s British dance band Show features music, often rare items, from his own vast collection of 78rpm records. John has extensive knowledge of the music and artists.   

Radiocafe is a dedicated site for a variety of nostalgia sounds.  

Clare Teal - Radio 2 - NOW ON JAZZ FM

Clare plays a variety of vintage music on Radio 2. Clare took over Malcolm Laycock’s Sunday night dance band and big band programme and her current two hour show has become broader based. Clare still features the dance bands.  

Sadly, the show ended in January 2021. Another loss for great music at the BBC. However - Clare and her show are now on Jazz FM, on Sunday evenings at 7pm.   

Retro Jukebox. Musician and great artist Andy Eastwood brings all kinds of musical nostalgia to his interesting site.

‘Unforgettable’ is a four hour show that is broadcast on BBC Radio Lancashire

and features a variety of vintage recordings

BBC Radio Lancashire - Unforgettable with John Gilmore

Sundays at 6pm to 10pm   

The show can be heard on listen again for 30 days after broadcast.

Serenade Radio

Easy Listening specialists

This station now has a new The Dance Band Days show with Roger Williams, (Saturday 7pm) and Big Big Special with Roger Beerling (Sunday 6pm). See schedules for times. 

Music While You Work - vintage broadcasts - daily 9.30 am.

Discover a wealth of old broadcasts from such classic presenters as Alan Dell and Brian Rust.

Masters of Melody. In the days before Radio 1 and 2 there was a thing called light music and ‘Music While You Work’. Through his wonderful website, composer Brian Reynolds brings it all back to us through recordings of those broadcasts and Brian’s extensive knowledge of the artists involved, many  of whom were part of the Golden Age of British Dance Bands. Brian regularly adds recordings to his site. A superb site.

Shellac Stack Podcast

Bryan hosts an excellent weekly one hour podcast that features music of all genres from 78 rpm records. Bryan has a great interest in British and American dance bands of the 1920s to 1940s, and this is reflected in his show.

The Earl Okin Show. Lots of podcasts that offer an eclectic mix of many genres of vintage music. A search through the podcasts and their playlists will reveal music from the dance band era.

Scratchy Grooves - lots of podcasts of vintage music from Bill, with  downloads. A real treasure trove of musical history.

Nostalgia Programmes from the BBC

Sunday at 6 pm (USA) Glenn Robison hosts a mix of 1920s and 1930s music on his weekly Rapidly Rotating Records show. Available as a download and listen again. A treasure trove of 78 rpm recordings from this knowledgable presenter.   

                                 Legacy Nostalgia

So many of the great presenters of nostagia music shows have left us, never to be replaced, certainly on mainstream broadcasting by the largest broadcaster in the UK. Dance band fans are denied dedicated programme access to what they want to hear, and denied access to what was once heard. Here we feature two of the greats, Alan Dell and Malcolm Laycock. Alan Dell is of course THE name associated with presenting the dance bands and big bands to us for several decades. Malcolm also has a unique legacy of presenting the bands and Jazz programmes on radio, which is immeasurable. Included below are some of those legacy recordings to enjoy once again the masters of their craft, plus some very nice dance band music. For a range of previous Alan Dell shows see the link to Music Nostalgia - Hot Pipes above.

Malcolm Laycock - Sunday Night at Ten                                                                                             Malcolm Laycock                          Alan Dell

4-11-07.mp3                      laycock playlist 4-11-07 B.doc           

11-11-07.mp3                    laycock playlist 11-11-07.doc

Join Gary Moritz on Wednesday at 7 pm for Sunset Melodies, musical memories from the 20s to the 60s. There is a listen again option if you miss the show.   

Phonotone Classic offers a whole series of podcasts on nostalgic music, including lots of dance and big band music. It also includes vintage radio and television. Knowledgeable British dance band enthusiasts Jonathan Holmes presents a show well worth tuning in for on a Friday. That would be:10 am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, 2 am, 6 am, UK time. 

That Gramophone Show. A series of excellent podcasts from knowledgable presenter Neil Starr. The shows feature lots of dance band music and rare 78s. The shows can be heard on Soundcloud (Without having to join).    

Neil’s tribute to Denny Dennis can be heard on the radio Tributes page.    Radio Tributes

Geoffrey Smith’s Jazz. A programme that features great jazz, that includes many stars of big bands and dance bands. A great show.  

Sounds Easy - A great new show - on great new Station. Join David Mann every Sunday morning at 11am, to listen to the greatest sounds in easy listening. All the greats and more delivered in David's warm and engaging style.

Radio Wymondham -   

Listen again to David’s first show-  

This first edition of a new weekly Radio Wymondham show features easy listening music from across the years, but with the accent on the ‘Great American Songbook’ and the singers and orchestras of the 1950s and 1960s - the golden era for artists like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby and the orchestral arrangements of maestros such as Nelson Riddle. More recent artists are featured as well, and some of the great British ones of past and present too. There are vocal groups, instrumentals, a touch of light jazz and swing, and regular features such as the ’Crosby Corner’ and the ‘Piano Parlour’.

The Vintage Show. A great show full of excellent vintage music, delivered in Liz’s exciting and enthusiastic style. Sunday evenings from 7-9 pm, on Ribble FM.    

There is a listen again facility:  

Liz says;

If you love Vintage music from the 40s and 50s - then join me every Sunday for The Vintage Show, sponsored by Tastebuds at Whalley, and in assocation with Bygone Times Chorley.  Every Sunday from 7pm on the Award Winning radio station Ribble FM, 106.7fm, on the smart app and online at

Veteran broadcaster, Bill Rennells, presents a lovely three hour classic music and request show, featuring a wide range of music from many eras, on Sunday evenings at 10pm. 

Bill, a Canterbury man, spent many years as a journalist, working for a range of newspapers in the south of England. Bill’s association with Radio Oxford began in 1970. With the BBC, Bill was the presenter of Nightride, he occasionally deputised for Ray Moore on BBC Radio 2, and Bill also co presented Music From The Movies. Bill was also one of the founding members of Saga Radio.

A lovely show, not to be missed.

Harmony Night with Bill Rennells - BBC Radio Oxford

Sunday evenings - 10pm

Bill’s shows are available as listen again.    

Bill’s show can also be found on BBC Radio Kent and BBC Radio Berkshire