Introduction and hello, the story of Denny Dennis - 1913-1993

In the late 1930’s and the 1940’s, Denny Dennis was regularly voted one of the top vocalists in Great Britain. He achieved major success with the bands of Roy Fox and Ambrose, and for a while he was with the great Tommy Dorsey Orchestra in the United States where he was also voted one of the top vocalists. 

What is the reason for Denny’s success? Simply, he was a very talented and gifted performer. The timbre of his voice, the phrasing, the diction, all contributed to making Denny a truly great artiste and interpreter of the popular song. Although Denny continued working for many years, like so many fine singers of his generation, Denny found it difficult to maintain his career beyond the onset of the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ era and ever changing musical tastes and styles.

There are still many people who remember Denny and his talent. But like so many of the great singers of the past, the fact remains that Denny is today largely unknown, especially to the younger audience who listen to and enjoy the music of the period.

This website seeks to place Denny back where he belongs, in the spotlight, and to serve as a tribute to his talent and as a thank you for the many fine recordings that have brought so much pleasure to so many listeners.

Throughout, I have tried to keep references to Denny’s private life just that, private, and only refer to it when it serves to illustrate a point in Denny’s career.

I should also like to extend this site as time goes on, with, ‘A Memories of Denny’ section. If you have memories of Denny or comments on Denny's music and career, or this site that you wish to share, please contact me on:



Tony Bradley