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It's The Bluest Kind Of Blues.mp3       Recorded 12 September 1946

Decca   F8694           (London  DR 10620)   

This was recorded on September 12th 1946, with the Stanley Black Orchestra. It features Joe Crossman on alto sax. This recording is from Denny's own copy. This recording earned him a contract with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra in the United States. 

A fully restored version now appears on the new Sepia Cd - 'The Bluest Kind Of Blues' and the new Retrospective CD ‘I’ll Sing You A Thousand Love Songs’ due for release in September 2013.

Denny made many hundreds of commercial recordings during his career, plus numerous commercial broadcasts, some of which have come to light and been re-issued. This site can only offer but  a few of Denny’s recordings. I will alternate them as regularly as I can.

Where possible I have tried to avoid duplicating any of the recordings currently available from the record companies who have provided CD’s dedicated to Denny’s recordings. These companies deserve our support. Check the Available Recordings page for more information.

The recordings on this page are all taken from my own 78 rpm records. I have cleaned them up a little with software. I would state that I am not a record restorer and they are not restorations. All files are mp3  - 160 kbps

The recordings are all in the public domain and I make them freely available to all those interested. Please do not use them for any commercial purpose.

Simply, enjoy the recordings. Right click to download. Click to play.

The following recordings recently added are also from my 78 rpm records, cleaned up by myself. Trying not to duplicate the recordings on the available CDs, because the companies concerned kindly took on the projects. The following records give a flavour of Denny’s style from the different periods of his twenty five year career. Again, for your pleasure, not for commercial profit. See other Denny Dennis recordings on the ‘Request’ page.

I'd Love To See You Home Tonight.mp3                                              

With Robert Farnon Orchestra            Decca F8915            16 March 1948    


Glen Echo.mp3                                                                                 

With Robert Farnon Orchestra            Decca F8873            16 March 1948

My Golden Baby.mp3                                                                           

With Stanley Black Orchestra              Decca F9218            20 July 1949

Juanita (I Adore You).mp3                                                                    

With Ambrose Orchestra                     Decca F8266            Jan 19 1943

You Were Right And I Was Wrong.mp3                                               

With Art Strauss Orchestra                  Decca F8481            29 Sep1944

Sierra Sue.mp3                                                                                     

With Arthur Young (Novachord)          REX 9899                 Dec 11 1940

Blue Shadows On The Trail.mp3                                                         

With Stanley Black Orchestra              Decca F9107            25 March 1948

Faithful Forever.mp3                                                                            

With Arthur Young (Novachord)           REX 9723                Jan 19 1940

A Rose In A Garden Of Weed.mp3                                                     

With Stanley Black Orchestra               Decca F9232            20 July 1949

Need I Say.mp3                                                                                   

With Stanley Black Orchestra              Decca F9079            25 March 1948

There Must Be A Way.mp3                                                                 

With Stanley Black Orchestra              Decca F8573           13 October 1945

After All.mp3                                                                                        

With Robert Farnon Orchestra             Decca F8889            24 March 1948

Santa Catalina.mp3                                                                             

With Stanley Black Orchestra              Decca F9107            25 March 1948

Cindy Oh Cindy.mp3                                                                           

With Orchestra / Ken Jones                 Embassy  WB213    August 1958

Magic Moments.mp3                                                                           

With Orchestra / Ken Jones                 Embassy  WB291    Dec 1956

Angels Never Leave Heaven.mp3                                                       

With Ambrose Orchestra                     Decca F7115            July 5 1939


With Roy Fox Orchestra                      Decca F3994            May 17 1934    


One Star.mp3                                                                                      

With Ambrose Orchestra                     Decca F8106            March 5 1942

My Cabin Of Dreams.mp3                                                                   

With Roy Fox Orchestra                      HMV BD5263            Sept 16 1937